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About The Project

It is rewarding to have a long term partnership for over 15 years with our extremely progressive friends at Westpark Fitness.

Westpark Fitness new fitness and health club was designed and built in 2005.We were awarded the fit out and design contract before opening in 2005 and are more than delighted to have been involved in a complete refit of the entire facility Oct 2016.

We created a spectacular and completely new layout with the team at Westpark which included an entirely new gymnasium layout, use of floor space and complete update of equipment to be ahead of what is relevant in exercise methods today.

The new landscape was designed with the member in mind. How would floor design impact the member flow through each area? Was there enough space? How could we design this floor layout to create a meaningful and thoughtful way for the member to enjoy and benefit from their club visits?

We went through various layout options in 3D conceptual drawings and have considering all the details decided on the perfect layout. We created new spaces, enlarged spaces and split up the cardio machines from rows to a more aesthetic visual appearance.

The new Westpark gym landscape is based on current industry trends and future fitness concepts. The Westpark upgrade and redesign has proved a massive success with existing and new members.

The Project Included:

  • Upgrade of all cardio machines – yet a reduction in overall numbers of cardio with improved ratios
  • Extended Functional Area
  • Installation of revolutionary and very relevant H.I.I.T. machines
  • Improved layout and larger free weights area also the incorporation of cable motion training
  • Performance Racks and Strength and Conditioning Area
  • Light Weights Section (for all users)

Project Management & Expertise

We brought the latest in all exercise experiences to the members at Westpark Fitness. We feel we are lucky we enjoy in depth and hands on industry knowledge from all aspects of the business.

We view a project very objectively and with the insight into operations, management along with the layout designs and supply of product, was confident we could give them the very best advice for long-term success.

Also included with the Westpark project was prelaunch marketing material for presentation to ensure an excellent interest and level of intrigue weeks before the project commenced.

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Our Conceptual Drawings

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