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About The Project

We have enjoyed a long term and successful partnership with the Luxurious Crunch Fitness Group 5 Star Club since opening late 1990’s. Crunch Fitness are award winning designer clubs and it is exciting to be associated with this high end product.

With the gym floor landscape changing and the move toward more dynamic exercise we were the first company to introduce Functional Training to our clients. Functional training is now a significant factor in the fitness equation.The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) lists functional training as one the most popular fitness trends.

Crunch fitness had 75 cardio machines in the Dun Laoghaire Club. We removed 24 cardio machines to create a new and exciting Functional Training Space.

The Project Objective

Provide KEY industry trends

Increase member retention and visitor usage

Attract New Members

Training & Education

The Art Of Fitness team also provided a comprehensive course of education and training for the instructors and personal trainers at Crunch Fitness.

The aim of Introduction to Functional Training is to provide a comprehensive overview for fitness professionals of the background and practical application of functional training and how it fits into a modern functional training philosophy.

On completion of the project the Crunch Fitness team were able to:

  • Define Functional Training
  • Understand how to utilise different functional training equipment to improve both functional strength and functional range.
  • Select exercises appropriate for different types of Functional Training and understand the pros and cons of their selection.
  • Safely and effectively use different functional training equipment for the different human movement patterns and for supplementary exercises.
  • Design and apply functional training programmes for clients with different goals and with varying abilities.

Where Function Meets Luxury

Marketing Packages


Together with Crunch fitness we launched this Functional Space in advance of opening and provided poster design and prelaunch marketing material.

This was an exciting move for Crunch Fitness and generated tremendous interest from all members. We carried out on street local promotion and open days which resulted successfully in what we set out to achieve.

More members and improved member retention.


A Sample Of Our Drawings

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